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The simple answer? Yes. Now, hold on! This doesn’t mean you stop reading the article here. You still haven’t discovered how they work in beauty and skincare. CBD oil in beauty and skincare products have been widely trending for a while now, but it should be no surprise why it keeps getting talked about in the beauty industry. CBD oil contains a wide list of benefits when it comes down to what it does for our beauty. This amazing ingredient continues to be popular in products, especially in lip care and treatment. Lips can get complicated to take care of at times because the skin is so fragile and delicate, and because of this our lips are more prone to experience issues like being chapped, dry, and flaky. This becomes a cry for help and that is where CBD oil comes in to save the day. This “it” ingredient is found in lip balms, lip masks, lip glosses, and lip scrubs. Here is the breakdown of what CBD oil does for our lips and benefits.

Treats Dry, Cracked Lips

CBD contains healing properties and these properties help treat lips that are dry and cracked. Applying on CBD lip products are great for days when your lips need serious repairing because the oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe and treat cracked lips. What a life saver!

Heals Sun Damaged Lips

Too much fun under the sun leads unprotected lips to become exposed and damaged by the sun’s negative effects. Sun exposure on any unprotected area of your body leads to showing signs of premature aging, skin discoloration, drying, and more. As for lips, it’s even MORE damaging. The skin on your lips are very thin and that makes it highly vulnerable to the sun’s harmful UV rays. It leads to damages like discoloration, peeling, dryness, and burning. CBD lip products can help heal sun damaged lips because it contains antioxidants and vitamins that help to reverse and repair. We’ll dig into what these vitamins are next.

Packed With Vitamins

When vitamins are involved, you just KNOW it works. CBD hemp oil is packed with Vitamins A, C, and E that help your lips stay healthy. These vitamins promote a healthy glow to lips and also slow visible signs of aging on or around the lip area. Vitamin A contains many benefits where one includes retinol and we all know what retinol does–help with anti-aging! Vitamin C helps brightens the complexion of your lips and supports with firmness. Then there is nourishing Vitamin E that helps lips stay moisturized and soft. What a power team!

Lip Enhancing

CBD oil in a lip product will leave your lips looking ah-mazing. It helps seal and lock in moisture which enhances the appearance of your lips. Because CBD oil naturally contains Vitamin C, it helps keep your lips plump and firm. It provides the right amount of nourishment and leaves your puckers looking healthy and plump.

Antibacterial Properties

One thing CBD is majorly known for is its antibacterial properties. It acts as a neutralizer and stabilizer against free radicals and unstable cells that are on our lips. Because CBD oil contains antibacterial properties, it helps protect lips from bacterias and infections.

Super Hydrating & Moisturizing

CBD oil is extremely hydrating and moisturizing for your lips. It helps seals and locks in moisture on your lips. Your lips are more hydrated because of its moisturizing effects. Sure, a regular lip balm is hydrating enough, but CBD lip products give a more deeper hydration.

We are lovers of everything and anything CBD and that is why at Untouchable Beauty Skincare, you will see that some of our lip products contain this magical ingredient. One of these products is our Hydraboost CBD Lip Gloss Serum. This is our favorite lip gloss and we are NOT being biased. It comes in two different shades of Perfect Pink or Shine On Clear. The Perfect Pink is for the days when you want your lips to have a subtle pink tint, and then we have Shine On Clear for when you want to go bare and just have a nice shimmer. Our other product that contains CBD is our Maskerade Watermelon CBD Lip Mask. Our buttery lip mask restores damaged lips and leaves them looking healthier. Don’t forget to go check them out!