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Mrs. Colorado

Learn more about the Mrs. Colorado Beauty Pageant winner and participants that use and support our natural skin care product line!

Jenine Diers

Mrs. Colorado 2021

Danette Haag

Danette Haag is a wife, a mom of 4, and a competitive runner. She is an inspirational speaker, a registered nurse, a podcast professional, the 2019 Colorado Woman of Courage and Mrs. Colorado 2021. She is also the co-founder of the nonprofit Hero Haven for first responders.  As an inspirational speaker, a soul strengthening coach, and through her Listen Soul Sister podcast; Danette shares her personal experiences from living through and living with a severe childhood burn injury. Inspiring others to see their own incredible value by sharing all that she has learned from walking with courage, healing her soul and redefining her beauty. Danette is ‘Beauty From Ashes’ and believes no one needs to get stuck behind any life scar.

Danette’s mission is to teach audiences the value of humbly loving themselves.  That putting more love into our world starts with pouring love into our own hearts and souls first – seeing our authentic beauty. One of the programs Danette offers to women and teen girls is called FLAWLESS – seeing ourselves the way God sees us. Believing in self and seeing our own unique beauty, makes us unstoppable to live our greatest life.  There is deep beauty within each one of us and it’s our job to nourish that beauty from the inside out so others can see it too.  This depth of power in our beauty is directly in line with the Untouchable Beauty mission of helping women look and feel deeply beautiful.  

“Life’s too short not to love yourself while you are working on yourself.” 

– Danette Haag ‘Beauty From Ashes’


Mrs. Colorado United States 2013

Bethany Norman

Bethany Norman is a wife, mother and business owner. Bethany recently launched Girlfriends Give Collective, a community that believes that every season has value. She makes it her mission to equip women with the tools to navigate and embrace each season so they can live in freedom and thrive emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It is through community and connection that she hopes to empower women to use their story and their gifts to expand their capacity and purpose.

The idea behind Girlfriends Give came out of Bethany’s own season of struggle when she was diagnosed with postpartum depression after struggling in silence for three years. It was then that she made it her mission to create a safe space for women to embrace their story and use their voice to impact the world round them.

Your story matters!
Your voice matters!
You matter!

Bethany Norman Mrs. Colorado
Jenine Diers

2022 Mrs. West Metro &
Mrs. Colorado Contestant

Lynn Tran

Dr. Lynn Tran was 2022 Mrs. West Metro, and contestant for Mrs. Colorado. She describes herself as a “yogi momma nerd.” You can always catch either reading, taking a course to learn something new, practicing yoga, or staying active outdoors with her husband, 5-year-old son, and pup. Professionally, Dr. Tran and her husband are experts in drug-free approach to mental health and chronic pain, and they offer a brain-based approach to healing the physical body. They run a family private practice together called Wild & Precious Optimal Living, where they offer chiropractic, functional neurology & shockwave therapy. You will often find Dr. Tran active in the Jefferson County community organizing women’s and family health events, such as a program called Thrive Local.

Here’s a personal message from Dr. Tran: “In my 20s, I struggled with an eating disorder and depression. There were nights I would drive from McDonald’s to Taco Bell to KFC ordering MEALS off the menu because I was having insatiable cravings. I would go home and wolf down EVERYTHING in a matter of minutes. Run to the bathroom to throw it all up. And then I would sit in complete shame and remorse for not being able to control myself. I felt lost, and I was flunking out of school, and I felt isolated from my family and friends. My mental state of health started to shift when I started working for a chiropractic office, and was receiving care for neck pain. I had no idea that chiropractic would literally change my brain and save my life!! I learned that my mental state of health was greatly affected by my nervous system stuck in a chronic fight flight state. As I got better through chiropractic care, I experienced more peace & felt more at ease and energized. I had the energy to control the negative thoughts and uncontrollable cravings. I was much more consistent and proactive with self-care such as practicing yoga and meditation. The combination of chiropractic and positive habit changes allowed me to get my life back. Fast forward to today, all that I do professionally as a brain-based chiropractor & yoga therapeutics coach is a makeup of my healing process— and I simply want to share that with my family & community.

If I can go back to my 21 year old self to say one thing, it would be, You are beautiful & you are enough. This pain that you are in, I wouldn’t change a thing because this is going to be your strength and purpose someday. Just keep moving & trust your choices.”

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Julie W.

I ” LOVE, LOVE, LOVE” Untouchable Beauty products! Finally a high end skin care line that I can afford and most of all THAT WORKS!!!! I’m a new mom that let my self care plummet at the beginning until I discovered UB! I’m finally able to take care of myself again like I used to without feeling guilty about buying $200 face serums or creams. Thanks everyone with UB for helping gain my confidence back again! Xoxox – Jules

Happy Customer

Jen G.

I absolutely love the way my skin feels after using my products! The way my skin feels right when I put on the antioxidant serum is amazing! Then putting the Renew Moisturizer over that is like heaven!! I feel like my skin is so happy and glowing after!

Happy Customer

Michelle S.

Untouchable Beauty has two products that I am absolutely in love with and a “must-have” on hand…year around.  The Lip and Eye Butter in Spearmint was the first skincare product to try. I can honestly say that I am  addicted to it. No others compare. Second, is the Antioxidant Serum which adds just the right amount of moisture to my skin without leaving it feeling or looking oily. Both of these products have a mild pleasant smell, wear well and truly are a pleasure to use. Thank You for making these wonderful products!

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Ryssa M.

I love untouchable beauty products! The entire skincare line always has my skin feeling clean and refreshed. I also love that all of their products are all natural and cruelty free, even down to the CBD lip gloss. I highly recommend! You won’t be disappointed.

Happy Customer

Tenzin T.

Working for Untouchable Beauty Skincare is such an experience. Supporting cruelty free products is something I feel passionate about and love everything we represent!

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Cathelena D.

I started seeing Jenine – CEO & CO Founder of Untouchable Beauty, about 7 years ago. Not only is her lash work amazing, but her ability to help with other skin and beauty is top notch. I randomly started breaking out at the age of 30 and she has been working with me to clear it up, and whatever she’s doing is working! I love all her work, I couldn’t imagine going to anyone else!

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Kirsten M.

I absolutely love all of the products I have tried! My skin has never looked so good!

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I have been using Untouchable Beauty skin & lip care products for years! I love all of the products but some of my favorites are the Tinted CBD Lip Gloss & the Papaya-Pineapple Enzyme Mask.

Happy Customer

Barb C.

I’ve been using UB Skin Care for at least 5 years now and nothing else will touch my face. I appreciate the quality of the products and their pricing is very reasonable. I highly recommend giving them a try!

Happy Customer

Kirsten M.

Absolutely LOVE this skincare line, my skin has never felt so good!!! I will definitely recommended to friends and family. BEST PRODUCT EVER!

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Julee P.

Love Untouchable Beauty skin care line! Simple and effective products. I especially love the Lip and Eye Butter!!!

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Andrea W.

I love, love, love the CBD Oil lip gloss! I received it last month and it is by far my do not leave home without it on product!

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