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Are you over 40, and looking at the mirror doesn’t feel the same? While aging brings experience and great insights, it has a resentful downside too. As we grow older, our bodies and their repair rates slow down. Consequently, there are visible changes to your skin’s appearance. Wrinkles and age spots make a home on your face. However, don’t be disappointed. The correct skincare for women over 40 will save you from these predicaments.

Why does our skin change with aging?

While everyone wonders about the physics behind aging, it is mostly a concerning question when it comes to skincare for women over 40. There are many reasons why this happens.

A) Desquamation slows down

Aging makes the rate of our natural desquamation process slower. Desquamation is the process that governs the shedding of old dead skin cells. This shedding gives rise to brighter skin hidden beneath the layer of dead cells.

As desquamation has slowed down, dead skin cells begin to build up. Consequently, the skin’s surface becomes dull as rough skin doesn’t reflect light well. In contrast, youthful skin is capable of reflecting light more effectively.

B) Loss of elasticity

Secondly, aging changes the connective tissue, and the skin begins to lose its elasticity. Scientists call this process elastosis.

Elastosis may be more severe in sun-exposed regions. It might explain why sailors, farmers, and people spending more time outdoors have a weather-beaten look. The skin may even start to look leathery.

C) Death of Melanocytes

Melanocytes are cells that contain melanin- the pigment giving skin its color. When you are in your forties, melanocytes begin to die. The remaining melanocytes enlarge.

For these reasons, aging skin appears pale, translucent, and thin.

D) Less Oil on Skin

Melanocytes are cells that contain melanin- the pigment giving skin its color. When you are in your forties, melanocytes begin to die. The remaining melanocytes enlarge.

For these reasons, aging skin appears pale, translucent, and thin. Just like many other systems, natural oil production of skin also meets a decline. Sebaceous glands stop functioning at their maximum potential. As a result, the skin becomes itchy, dry, and hard. These symptoms usually appear in women after their menopause.

The Right Skincare for women over 40

You must be thinking about ways to restore the youthfulness of your skin after skimming through these age factors. As hard as it may seem, the solution is simple: Use the correct skincare products.

1. Serums

It’s no big secret- Serums are essential for daily skincare. They are packed with useful ingredients such as retinol, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C. Massaging them onto your skin using a jade roller/gua sha will make your skin look awake. Additionally, their exfoliating and hydrating properties help fight dullness and pigmentation. 

I will suggest you ladies try out Untouchable Beauty’s Clarifying serum, Glow Getter-Anti-oxidant serum, and  Brilliance retexturing serum for optimum results. Ocean Potion is also a great option when it comes to skincare for women over 40. 

2. Moisturize

If skincare was a religion, moisturizing would have been one of its pillars. I know this sounds exaggerated but it isn’t. Moisturizing can solve half the skin problems. The skin starts to radiate a glow and instantly softens. 

After applying the serum, gently massage some moisturizer all over your face. Moreover, remember to use a cream instead of a lotion for moisturizing. At this age, it’s better to have a heavy moisturizer. 

Fortunately, Untouchable Beauty offers a range of moisturizers. For older ladies, I would suggest UB’S Renewal Moisturizer.

3.Eye Creams

Let’s get to the point-Do eye creams even work any differently? Yes, they do! Many people complain that their eye creams failed to meet their concerns. It may be due to two reasons. Firstly, they might have the wrong product. Secondly, the purpose of their eye cream may be different from what they wanted. 

Choosing the correct eye cream can help a great deal in getting hydrated eyes. I would suggest you try Bright Eyed Beauty. 

4. Retinols

Retinol is a must-have skincare product for all women over 40. According to experts, retinol is a type of retinoid made out of Vitamin A.

One of the things I adore about this product is that it penetrates deep into the skin. In other words, retinol does its magic from deep down instead of just the surface. Once in the skin, it neutralizes free radicals and boosts elastin and collagen production. It improves the overall elasticity and suppleness of the skin.

5. Gua Sha and Jade Rollers

Gua sha and Jade Rollers have been my favorite skincare trend for the last 5 years. They work like magic on the skin. 

Gua Sha has been scientifically proven to reduce tension and inflammation in the face. Jade rollers also serve similar purposes. Both of them can achieve great results on the skin as they help with blood circulation. 

Therefore, I would highly suggest you add them to your bucket list. 

6. Sunscreen: The Magical Product

No scrolling session on Instagram goes without landing on a post celebrating sunscreen and its wisdom. Using sunscreens since childhood can save you from struggles to follow years later. Therefore, whether you are in your teens or nearing 50, make sunscreens a ritual!

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7. Start and End your Day with Cleansing

Cleansing is vital for your skin as it prevents the accumulation of dust and bacteria. If seeped into your pores, these dust particles can cause acne and pigmentation. 

As no one wants a valley on their face, I recommend you all use facial cleansers like Fresh Faced every day. Use cotton pads to wipe your face while cleansing. 

8. Lip Care

Perhaps, one of the worst consequences of aging is dry and chapped lips. Lips play a vital role in your overall appearance. They must look plum and moist to give you a neat and attractive look. To achieve this, use a CBD lip kit, and you will never have to worry about dry lips again. 

The Bottom Line

Aging can affect your skin’s appearance and make you feel insecure. However, say NO to insecurity and own each stage of your life. Accept yourself for who you are. As for the skin, a disciplined routine and Untouchable Beauty’s skincare line will deal with it.

Being a women-led and operated brand in Colorado, we truly feel you when it comes to authentic skincare. Check out our all natural and affordable skin care products HERE! 

With correct skincare in your forties, be ready to glow each day!