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What’s Your Skincare Routine Order?

Are you tired of having dry and dull skin because of little to no skincare routine? A skincare routine is one of the most important things you should incorporate into your daily life. It’s because skin covers the most considerable portion of your body and needs proper maintenance for a fresh and young outlook.

However, you may be wrong if you think applying a serum or using sunblock is what skincare is. Skincare goes beyond these things and needs proper time for the correct product application.

You must follow a proper skincare routine to tune up your complexion. Don’t know what’s the best skincare routine order to follow? Trying to follow a nighttime skincare routine order but failing? We have got you covered.

This article will discuss the step-by-step procedure of a skincare routine order and its benefits. So, let’s dig further!

Step-by-Step Skincare Routine Order

There’s not much difference in the daytime, and nighttime skincare routine order, except you use a little more products in the morning to stay safe from the sun’s penetrating rays.

As a general rule of thumb, the best way to follow an effective skincare routine is to use thinner products first and thicker products later. It’s because the thinner products can’t invade the thick layer, resulting in improper nutrient transfer into the skin.

Let’s look at the correct skincare routine order for both day and night.

Cleanser (Morning/Night)

You may not know it, but removing your makeup with a good cleanser before applying any skincare product is mandatory. Don’t go for skin wipes, as the wipes fail to remove the heap of makeup and leave behind a sticky residue. Instead, buy a good cleanser that suits your skin well.

To select the best cleanser, you need to assess your skin type first. Check whether you have oily or dry skin and choose the cleanser accordingly. Using a cleanser in the morning and nighttime removes all the dirt from your face.

The best all-in-one cleanser is the Fresh-Faced Clarifying Cleanser, which has Organic Black Willow Bark in its formula that keeps the skin fresh and reduces inflammation and dark spots.

Toner (Morning/Night)

Well, toner is an optional product and doesn’t have any other benefit besides making your skin more welcoming to nutritional ingredients. It comes after a cleanser as it prepares your skin for different products. Typically, toners have chemicals that make dry skin smooth or remove pimples and acne from the face.

You can go with the one that suits your skin condition the best. If your toner has a fragrance that reminds you of your nail paint remover, get rid of it quickly. These alcohol-based toners do more harm to your face than good. So, be careful and make the right choice.

Look at the ingredients mentioned on the backside of the toner and go for the one with AHA and BHA. Soon you will see the acne and blackheads going away!

Serum (Morning/Night)

The products that have made their way to the third point in an ordinary skincare routine order are serums. Basically, serums are antioxidants and concentrated nutrients that quickly lift your skin’s complexion, maintaining the natural look.

A Vitamin C serum is a good option if you are applying it in the morning as it prevents your skin from harmful environmental pollution. In contrast, if you are looking for a serum for nighttime, then hyaluronic acid is the best. Your skin remains well-hydrated by its application.

If you need suggestions, then Ocean Potion Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Glow Getter Antioxidant Serum are great products to use. The former helps in collagen production, and the latter has an acceptable quality of antioxidants to make the skin hydrated.

Eye Cream (Morning/Nighttime)

Eye cream is a thin layered product; that’s why it is applied before face creams or oils. As the eye area is sensitive, you should carefully dab the cream around it.

It is suggested to buy a caffeine-based eye cream because caffeine tightens the saggy skin around the eyes and gives your eyes a fresh look.

Moisturizer (Morning/Night)

Moisturizer is a crucial step in your everyday skincare routine order. Whether you have really dry skin or a face filled with acne, moisturizing it is a must. An exceptional moisturizer keeps your skin well guarded and gives it a natural glowy look.

For morning time, a moisturizer with a bit of sunscreen is best. However, go with a natural ingredients-filled moisturizer for nighttime to turn on the skin repairing mode.

AHA Moment Moisturizer is an exceptional product if you need a moisturizer. It possesses Alpha Hydroxy Acids that work together with other ingredients to make the skin smooth. Furthermore, it suits all skin types and brings maximum glowy results. You can also use it as a night cream because its ingredients have a versatile effect.

Alpha Hydroxides (Night)

Alpha Hydroxides are anti-aging and come in thick layered skincare products that are applied later. These remove aging signs from your skin and induce collagen formation that clears black spots and scars.

It is recommended to follow this step when following a nighttime skincare routine order as it takes time to absorb in the skin. If you are already using a night cream with Alpha Hydroxides, there’s no need to follow this step in your skincare routine order.

Brilliance Retexturing Serum is the best Alpha Hydroxide for you as it has fine quality Hydroxide, Glycolic acid, and Aloe, along with other ingredients. This exfoliates your dry and aging skin, keeping it safe from environmental damage. Prolonged use also removes fine lines and wrinkles from your face


Face Oil ( Morning/Night)

Face oil comes at last in a simple skincare routine order because it works as a seal over all the applied products. Your skin retains all the ingredients and provides you with the best results. Oils usually can’t boost the hydration process of your body.

However, applying them over the products mentioned above makes the skin look fresher and more hydrated. If you think oils are only for dry skin, you are wrong. Certain oils like jojoba oil and rosehip oil take off the oil from your pro acne skin.

If you are short on Face Oil, you can use our Renewal Moisturizer, filled with coconut oil and soyabean oil; this moisturizer makes your skin shiny and gives a smooth ending touch to your overall skincare routine.

Sunscreen (Morning)

During the daytime, there’s another thing that is an essential part of your skincare routine order, and that is sunscreen. It doesn’t interfere with all the applied products.

Instead, it works as a guard or shield and protects your skin against all the harmful chemicals of the outside world.

Final Thoughts

Skincare routine order is very important to ensure that your skin stays glowy and healthy. If you also want to maximize the freshness of your skin, carefully follow all the steps discussed above.

Say Goodbye to laziness and start with your skincare routine now! You will only look fresh if your skin justifies the inner freshness.