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Hello Untouchable Beauty Babes! My name is Tenzin Tsephel and I do social media for Untouchable Beauty Skincare. Along with Jenine Diers, I am excited to see where the skincare business goes in the future since the rebranding. I know Jenine has worked hard and tirelessly to show you what we are all about, so we hope you are ready for all the new things coming your way! Before we begin, let me introduce myself.

My hometown is Madison, Wisconsin and yes, it is true, the entire state smells like cheese. I graduated college in 2018 and come from a family of five: mom, dad, dog, an older sister who liked to steal my clothes growing up, and me. I am a HUGE horror movie lover and I blame my mother for that since she always had my sister and I watch them with her. My celebrity crush is Timothée Chalamet and will forever be Timothée Chalamet—my boyfriend approves. Fall is my favorite AND the best season, I will literally fight anyone who wants to disagree.

I love all things fashion, beauty, and skincare. I have a passion for social media and am always on my phone to an unhealthy extent. Am I ashamed? No. I love writing which also brings up the topic of our blogs and articles you will be seeing us publish which is new. All written content will be done by yours truly and I can’t wait to talk about a variety of topics with you all from lifestyle tips to beauty hacks and MORE. We are always looking for ways to connect with our customers, so if there is a certain topic you want to read or learn about, leave a comment under our posts, or directly message us on our social medias and we will get straight to it! We are also working on branching out on other social platforms and TikTok is one of them, not a shocker, so you will be seeing my face on it very often!

Traveling is also a huge love of mine as well as hiking. To celebrate my birthday every year, my boyfriend and I visit a new national park that is on our bucket list. We have hiked Badlands, Zion, and the Grand Canyon so far. We are thinking Glacier National Park is next! As for traveling to another country, I went to Greece recently and it was ah-mazing. It was an experience I will never forget, and I still dream about the food there every night.

I think that’s all of it! I could go on about who I am and what I love but let us save that for another time. This moment is about introducing who we are, the faces behind Untouchable Beauty Skincare, and why we want to be your best friend when it comes to skincare.