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Who are we? Untouchable Beauty Skincare. What do we want? To bring you healthy skincare products by only using the good stuff, and that is what our brand is all about. Each of our products is cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free, and perfume-free. If you were here before our re-branding, you will notice that we have had a major facelift, and we are thrilled to introduce this new version of us to you. For those who are new and just heard about us, welcome! Here are just a couple of things you should know about us.

The first question we are sure that comes to your mind is how is our skincare line different than all the others?! Why should we use Untouchable Beauty products over other brands that you are currently using? Well, first we LOVE giving back to the community and our business owner has a huge heart for this. Recently, we have been selecting an individual or a family, a company, or an organization that is in need and donating money to them. There is a section on our website when checking out where you can fill in who you want, and we would donate money to them within that week. Not only do we give back to people, but also give back to our furry loved ones as well (which we talk about next!) who are seeking a forever home.

We are a small skin care business with major aspirations and that starts with protecting your skin from the inside out. When Jenine Diers, a Denver, Colorado-based Esthetician, founded the company she had two goals in mind: to make products with the highest quality safe ingredients and to make it affordable. Quality skincare should never have to come at a premium and Jenine knew something had to be done and boom, Untouchable Beauty Skincare is born and thriving. A little fun fact is that Jenine is a huge dog lover and she wanted to incorporate that into her business. Treats for Hope dog treats are peanut butter flavored dog treats containing 2mg of hemp CBD and are hand-baked by Jenine alongside her two daughters. To make a positive difference in the lives of animals that are abused, neglected, injured, or in need of their forever home, 50% of the profits made from Treats for Hope go to an animal rescue of your choice. There is something beautiful when it comes to donating profits to local, national, and international dog rescues and we are all about wanting to be part of that. Family photo Jenine with her client.

We know what you’re thinking, this Jenine chick sounds pretty cool. Okay, so who is she? Aside from creating Untouchable Beauty Skincare, Jenine also owns a lash extension business in her hometown of Denver, CO. She is also a wife, mother of two beautiful daughters, and a loving pet owner of two dogs and two cats. The birth of her skincare business began when Jenine noticed which type of skincare delivered results and which did not work for her clients, “I couldn’t find a skincare brand that offered all of the necessary ingredients and products in one line. The ones that worked for my clients were too expensive for them.” She saw a need in the beauty industry that no other company was filling. Since then, Jenine has spent four years crafting products that deliver the results you want that are safe, vegan, and cruelty-free—all at reasonable prices. No fragrances or dyes, just amazing ingredients that work for all skin types and conditions.

Before we talk your ear off, we want to mention one last but very important thing. This blog and article thing we have going on here—is new too! Here on our UBeautyWellness Page, we will be creating written content to share with you on topics relating to not just skincare and beauty, but lifestyle hacks and tips, healthy cooking ideas, mental health, and other interesting topics too. We hope to become your source for helpful information on anything beauty, health, wellness, and so much more! Just call us your Beauty and Wellness Bible. We are always looking for great content to write about so if you have a topic you want to learn more about, send us an email! We love hearing feedback and ideas from the public. So, check out our page when you can! You do NOT want to miss our news content.

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